Boo-zhoo berry pickers! Now is the time to load your berry baskets & bring it to us to sell. We are currently buying the following wild fruits: pincherries, chokecherries, Highbush Cranberries, Plums, Hawthorns, Wild Grapes, Crabapples & blueberries. A few stems & leaves are okay, except for blueberries which must be VERY clean. Please refrigerate as soon as possible- DO NOT WASH! If you pick fruit over the weekend spread fruit 1-2″ deep on a flat pan & refrigerate until Monday morning. Fruit may be brought to Red Lake Nation Foods in Redby Mondays-Thursdays from 10 am-3pm. You will receive a receipt for any accepted fruit & be PAID THE SAME DAY ON SITE. We reserve the right to refuse to purchase fruit based on cleanliness, quality, or ripeness issues. Please call before picking to confirm we have not met our purchase quotas. Please contact Mike at (218) 679-2611 or (218) 838-5349 with any questions & for pricing. MII-Gwech!