Happy Spring from Red Lake Nation Foods!


Well, the weather here in northern Minnesota might not yet be convinced that a new season is upon us, but we are celebrating anyway! You may or may not have received an email from us recently. We ran a small test with our new email marketing program & have seen a bit of success. Since the test email was only targeted at a small segment of customers, we wanted to be able to extend our reach to everyone and say Miigwech (Thank You!) for supporting our business. From now until Monday April 18th, 2022, use the discount code SPRING10 on our website to enjoy 10% off your order. (Retail orders ONLY.) Please enjoy a safe & Happy Easter from all of us at Red Lake Nation Foods!

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Chokecherries & More

We just finished a remarkable season of collecting chokecherries for our wild chokecherry jelly & syrups. In just 11 days from our first berry purchase, we were able to meet quota, just like that! Our warehouse was mad busy. It has been a real bumper year for wild fruits. We are excited to see what the harvesters bring us for plums, grapes & highbush cranberries. Hopefully, everyone is out there having a good time & remembering to be mindful of your neighbors & the animals when harvesting fruits. We need to save some for the long over winter which isn’t too far away. Birds, squirrels, deer & bears use these same fruits to add to their stash so they can survive the harsh winters we all know & love in northern Minnesota. We spent a moment thanking the Creator for offering such great abundance. We also thank the wonderful families that took their children out & educated them on harvesting wild fruit. You are touching your ancestors when you practice these traditions. There is nothing better than seeing a whole family out there, helping each other out & bringing us the fruits of your labor. We know its hard work. That’s why we ask that you CALL us at 1-888-225-2108 to be certain that we need more fruit and your hard work doesn’t go to waste. That last sentence was completely silly. How could having a few pounds of fresh indigenous wild fruit on your hands ever be considered a waste? You can make your own jelly, syrup or even share it with friends & family. Be creative. Stay positive! Happy Harvest to everyone! We can do this together. Miigwech!

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